I'm a mother, knitter, runner, and RDH, I'm also married to a an active duty military guy. I have always been the crafter in the family, I taught my mom to quilt and knit. I've been sewing for over 20yrs... man I'm old. I started sewing when I wanted funky and one of a kind garments, and the began to quilt in the early 90's.

I taught myself to knit when I was pregnant in 2004. When I began looking for a bag for my lifestyle I couldn't find one quite right. So I pulled out my sewing machine and started experimenting with what kind of bag suited my lifestyle. I'm an on the go knitter so I needed a handle and wanted everything to be secure so the cordlocks were a must.
I have made the demensions of the bags to whats worked for me, I knit everything from socks to sweaters, and I personally use the bags for my projects.

I am a one woman show, so I do updates as the bags sell and I have time to sew between an always deploying husband and a now very involved 7 yr old.
I thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you love the bags as much as I do.

You can find me on:
Ravelry: Ploverbird 
Plurk : theploverbird